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ILM + Revoprod

After a self-released single and full length LP, a Latin American tour, a debut album on Epitaph (1994's ear-shattering Pledge of Defiance), numerous arrests for Punk and Disorderly conduct, and a shitload of Food Not Bombs charity shows, Total Chaos' five years of existence in smelly Ontario, CA have culminated in the release of Patriotic Shock. Pledge of Defiance was the toughest and most deviant record ever released on Epitaph, but with the addition of Germ on guitar, Total Chaos has created a slab of the crustiest punk rock plastic ever recorded. 13 songs of vitriolic angst directed toward the bigwigs on Capitol Hill, racists, Nazis, conformity, and other ills of society. Positively negative songs ;like "Unite To Fight" and "Punk No Die" are the new rallying cries of generations of punks weaned on GBH, the Exploited and Discharge. "My grandma hates it!!!" says Ronald McMurder, and rightly so! Patriotic Shock has in-yer-face drums, a wall of ultra-distorted dual guitar noise, rumbling, hit-you-in-the-cajones bass, and gravelly voiced singing guaranteed to offend Mormons and everyone else ... "the anti-stupid vulvy tangible old stool ahead of the fools punk rock"-Gearbox. Over the last year Total Chaos have supported (il)literally tons of bands. They've opened for Rancid, done a US tour with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and the Voodoo Glow Skulls, and played every rat-infested punk hole in the stinkin' country. Well it's '95 and Total Chaos are heading for your town again, screaming, pissing, and forcing bloody anarchy down your throat. Spike up your hair, wear your studded leather, and enjoy hardcore crusty punk rock thicker than the mold in Johnny Rotten's Marina Del Ray mansion.


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