Mario Lalli & The Rubber Snake Charmers

Psychedelic Rock

Mario Lalli is a influential musician and producer based in the California desert area. Active in the rock music scene since 1981, Lalli is considered to be a pioneering figure in the desert rock scene and often cited as "The Godfather of Desert Rock". Along with establishing the generator parties of the early 1980s, Lalli's early bands in Across The River, Fatso Jetson and Yawning Man were instrumental in shaping the desert rock sound. Along with the instrumental psychedelic rock that is Yawning Man, Lalli's musical sounds have stretched to freeform jazz and soul (The Sort Of Quartet), Stoner Rock (The Desert Sessions, The Green Monarchs) and a wide arrangement of other sounds.

Currently, along with The Rubber Snake Charmers and his current long-standing band Fatso Jetson, Lalli has performed with nearly a dozen different projects over the years. Lalli’s key interview appearances in several documentary films give insight to his contribution and influence on the rock music scene, these films include “Lo Sound Desert”, “Desert Age”, “Such Hawks Such Hounds” also Dave Grohl’s HBO series “Sonic Highways”.

To date he has released seven studio albums with Fatso Jetson, five with Yawning Man, four with The Sort of Quartet and has contributed to numerous bands in the stoner and desert scenes in a career spanning over forty years. 

The Rubber Snake Charmers began in 2010 with a focus on live psychedelic rock improvisation and sonic experimentation curated by desert rock pioneer Mario Lalli, featuring likeminded musicians from all walks of the musical spectrum. Some of the past Snake Charmers include, DINO LALLI, BRANT BJORK, GARY ARCE, TONY TORNAY, SEAN WHEELER, JOE BAIZA, VINCE MEGHROUNI, BILL STINSON, RYAN GUT, NICK OLIVERI.


Anchored by Lalli’s heavy grooving and morphing bass lines, a heavy meditation on rhythms, drones, grooves and riffs. Sonically becoming a canvas where each participant is encouraged to create fine lines or splatter and explode into chaos…wherever it goes it goes. Adding to the vision is the dark beautiful words and otherworldly vocal energies of the deserts own SEAN WHEELER. MARIO LALLI and the RUBBER SNAKE CHARMERS takes us on a shamans journey through the desert landscape of imagination.


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